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Convert everyday incoming calls into earnings and turn your phone line into a passive revenue channel. Try it free!

Paytel Benefits

Earn up to 50c p/min on incoming business calls
No monthly fees (learn more)
Simple add-on to any land line
Your old number still works
No installation and no setup
One national number for life
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Quick Questions   

»  Will Paytel work with our switchboard?

Yes definitely.  Paytel works with any switchboard, any land line and any IVR system.  In fact, the more lines you have the more money you make.  Remember it is simply a virtual number which is diverted to your existing office number.  It's that simple.  Should someone call your Paytel number your office number will ring and you earn money.  There is nothing more to it!

»  Does the size of our business matter?

Not at all!  Paytel works perfectly for all business sizes from massive corporate helpdesks to the one man show or home business.

»  What does the number look like?

Paytel numbers usually start with 08391 and looks similar to a cell phone number. It's now widely accepted by large corporate businesses as the new type of business number.

»  What does it cost to call Paytel?

Paytel allows you to generate income from money that would have already been spent by your customers. Paytel numbers are charged at the standard cell phone rate of R 2.85 incl. VAT per minute. Free minutes do not apply. On average 80% of callers these days will call your business from a cell phone and would have been paying cell phone rates anyways so the impact on customers is minimal. Large companies such as the the AA, Junk mail and BizFax uses the service..

»  How do I start receiving calls?

Simply have the number published and promoted on your promotional media, website, email signature, letter heads business cards and adverts. When the number is called you will earn money..

»  Where do I see what I earned?

Simply login to your account. We will also send you an email every month with the payment details and the money will reflect in your bank account.

1 Get a new Paytel 083 number and we
will diverted the number to any land line
of your choice. It takes 48 hours.
2 Now, if someone calls your new Paytel
number your selected phone line will ring but when answering your calls you will earn 34c per minute while talking.
3 The longer you talk and the more lines
you have or the more simultaneous calls your switchboard can handle the more you can earn. It's that simple!

   Quick Overview

  Paytel is a virtual phone number which is diverted to your existing telephone line.  It works for any business size from corporate help desks to the one man band.

The main benefit of Paytel is that whenever someone calls you, you earn up to 50c per minute. Secondly you never ever again have to change your number even if you move.

Your current office setup will stay as is, so there is no impact on your current business. Receive one or multiple simultaneous calls depending on your switchboard and Telkom setup. The more lines you have and the longer you talk the more you can earn. It's simple!

Uses: Incoming phone line, helpdesk, support lines, competitions, normal business line, advertising, promotions, etc

Tell me more about this 30-day trial!

The 30 day free trial is an opt out trial. This means that you can cancel the service anytime before the trial ends without  any  further obligation whatsoever.  Should you want to keep your number simply  keep using it. The activation fee will automatically be deducted from your selected bank account the day after your trial expires. 

How do I cancel the 30 day trial?

Use this link to go the Trial Cancellation Logon  and follow the easy steps. All activation emails that are sent to you during registration will also explain the process. Alternatively you can logon to your account and under general click "Cancel 30 day Trial". It's fast and easy! 
What if I need help?
  Paytel is solely a web base company. Simply send an email to during business hours and you will receive response within 15 minutes or less. You can also use the online help.  

What commitment am I making?

During the 30 day trial you will have zero commitments as the order only becomes valid after the 30 day trial. Should you choose not to cancel the trial you are committing to allow Paytel to deduct the activation fee from your account on the date the trial expires. You will therefore have 30 days to test Paytel at your own leisure.

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